We recommend making a reservation to avoid crowds during seasonal events and to avoid waiting for customers in other situations, so that you can dine in a relaxed atmosphere.
If you are coming from far away, please make an appointment to come and relax.

-Thank you for using the reservation for many people.
During business hours, there are times when it is too crowded to check.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
If you would like to make a reservation on the day of your visit, we would appreciate it if you could call us.

Seating Information

There are spaces where customers can enjoy their meals at the counter seats,table seats or in the tatami room.
Please note that in order to prevent covid-19 in recent years, we have implemented safety measures such as clear board partitions.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

child's seat child's seat

The service for our customer

 We can also accommodate groups for welcome parties, farewell parties, etc.

 Children can also be accommodated.
 We have seats for babies and children as they grow up.

 We can accommodate wheelchair users.