KIKUSUI's souvenirs

Bring the taste of Kikusui to your home...

You can enjoy the taste that Kikusui has inherited and passed on to you in your own home.
You can also give it as a gift to your family, friends or loved ones.
It will bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.

  • Souvenir of eel dishes

    (Bamboo steamer grilled eel on the steamed source rice)

    [deluxe] 1 piece(5 slices)
    3,700yen (TAX included)

    [middle] 1 piece(4 slices)
    3,200yen (TAX included)

    [regular] 1 piece(3 slices)
    2,700yen (TAX included)

    [small] 1 piece(2 slices)
    2,200yen (TAX included)

    SEIRO-MUSHI (Bamboo steamer grilled eel)
  • KABAYAKI (Grilled eel)

    1 piece(1 eel)
    3,200yen (TAX included)

    KABAYAKI (Grilled eel)
  • Kikusui's secret sauce

    1 piece(200ml)
    550yen (TAX included)

    Kikusui's secret sauce
  • Other souvenirs

    Unagi suyaki
    3,000yen (TAX included)

    1,900yen (TAX included)

    unagi tempura
    1,900yen (TAX included)

    800yen (TAX included)


  • Examples of dishes using the KIKUSUI's secret sauce

  • Example ①

    Fried salmon with the secret source

    Fried salmon with the secret source
  • Example ②

    Rolled omelet with the secret source

    Rolled omelet with the secret source

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